Co-Founder & Co-Organizer of the 5-year sell-out fundraising event (along with Sophia Fabiilli & Laura Jabalee Johnston)

Debaters have included:


Courtney Gilmour, Clare Blackwood, Rakhee Morzaria, Paloma Nuñez, Ashley Botting, Sandra Battaglini, and Reid Janisse.

Debate Topics have included:


-Should we close the gender wage gap? or should womxn finish work early every day?

-Best superpower for combating toxic masculinity: mind control or super strength?

-What brand or category of products most consistently lets women down (through advertising)? (For ex: Victoria's Secret vs. Venus; OR sanitary napkins vs. bras. (etc.)

-Between the gender pay gap, emotional labour, and the pink tax on everything from razors to pens.... womxn have been getting the short end of the economic stick for years! It's payback time: What items should be subject to a blue tax and why? (ex: pick up trucks, Axe Body spray, beef jerky. etc.)

Inspired by the CBC show The Debaters, our event is the fun and funny feminist version.

2018 CPB