I'm not entirely convinced April even happened this year...looking back, it feels like a bit of a blur. For much of the month I was working away on a number of big applications - and it felt invigorating to have real (and meaningful) deadlines to work towards.

My parents came to visit for Easter weekend and we had a lovely time catching up and doing some touristy activities -- I was reminded how lucky we are to have gems like Allen Gardens and Riverdale Farm within the city. We had a special Easter brunch at Casa Loma in part to celebrate my Mom who had a special birthday coming up and it was fun to explore the castle after. We brought out Cards Against Humanity, which my parents haven't played before, and it seriously made my life to see what they came up with and to spend the evening gut-laughing with the family.

The weekend of April 14th we were up in Collingwood for a funeral - which just happened to be the weekend of the Snowmageddon. When our car got stuck three times on our way out, we realized we weren't going anywhere, and abandoned it to stay over. Luckily, we were close to Ryan's uncle's home, which is definitely the kind of place you want to be if you're going to get stuck somewhere and we hunkered down to warm hospitality, good food, heavenly wine, and a hot tub (and two sweet dogs).

I'm writing this well into May and can't recall what stood out that I was reading or watching in April, but I did write down my favourite quote of the month: "It must have had an overactive thyroid" (My mom describing a particularly high-strung squirrel in their yard)

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