I have been so excited to write about my May! It has been such a full and inspirational month.

What I was reading:

Holding Still for as Long as Possible by Zoe Whittall - my first Whittall novel (and it definitely won't be my last), the fourth section in particular really made the book for me.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty - I had watched the mini series, so was curious to read the book. What initially felt like a bit of a fluffy read gave way to a surprisingly deeper examination of violence against women - definitely worth a read (and watching the mini series if you haven't already!)

What I was watching:

Dear White People, Seasons 1 and 2 (Netflix) - I really enjoyed this. Should be required viewing for everyone (but especially white people).

Chewing Gum, Seasons 1 and 2 (Netflix) - WHERE HAS THIS SHOW BEEN ALL MY LIFE???? It is quirky, and surprising, and Michaela Coel is my new hero. (Bonus points for the fact that this show was based on Michaela Coel's one-woman play)

One Day at a Time, Season 1 (Netflix) - Not your average sitcom - I'm digging it for the underrepresented characters, smart dialogue, and intelligent (and entertaining!) ways of confronting current issues.

The Handmaid's Tale, Season 2 (Crave) - My heart. This show is everything and I freaking love it so much. Kudos to the bad-asses making it.

Inspirational Highlights:

On a Tuesday near the start of the month, I got a text for my sister asking if I was free that night...because she was offered tickets to the YAYOI KUSAMA: INFINITY MIRRORS exhibit at the AGO! Anyone who has tried to get tickets for this, knows it's a hot one! Both times I tried, I think there were 50,000 people ahead of me in line. I had resigned myself to the fact I wasn't going to see it this time around, and I was ok with it -- since Ryan and I were lucky enough to see a couple of her earlier mirror rooms when we visited the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh (photo on the right).

So Sierra and I excitedly showed up at the AGO Tuesday night after work, and the best part was that these tickets (generously gifted by my sister's boss) were for a private after-hours screening! I'll be honest, I wasn't too disappointed about not originally getting tickets to this, because the idea of spending an afternoon waiting in lines in huge crowds is pretty-much my worst nightmare, so it was absolutely heaven to be able to see this exhibit peacefully with a small group of people. And it was pretty special. The photos do not do it justice - it is a really interesting immersive experience.

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